Each Harmony Kit includes:

  • CDs
  • Music Category Albums
  • CD players
  • Accessories
  • Storage Container

Each “Harmony Kit” is custom-designed to meet the needs of your facility based upon those you serve. And best of all, Healing with Harmony´s kits and service support are provided at no cost.

Compact Discs

Harmony kits include a variety of between 30 - 60 comforting, calming and entertaining CDs. For current examples of our CD library, click here to browse the photo gallery, where CDs are displayed within genres.

Music Category Albums

CDs are grouped by music category within albums for easy identification and access.

Personal CD Players with Headphones / Boom Boxes

Convenient, private listening, personal, portable players with comfortable, stereo, “on the neck” style headphones with disposable, sanitary ear phone covers, or for large group settings, or when personal CD players aren't practical, boom boxes may be the better choice.

Storage Containers

baskets tote

Choose either a user friendly basket or easy-to-clean plastic tote container for kit storage and transport.


  • Sanitary Earphone Covers
  • Battery Charger & Rechargeable Batteries
  • d_skins