Q. How can we get a “harmony kit?”
A. If you are a healthcare professional working within a medical facility where patients would benefit from a har-mony kit, the process of getting a harmony kit begins by contacting us via e-mail,mark@trans-audio.com
Q. How does Healing with Harmony determine the music needs of each facility?
A.Once you have contacted us, we will send you an assessment form to gather information about the demo-graphics of your patients and the type of facility you represent. When completed and returned to us, we will have a good idea of your needs. We also encourage a long-term relationship to update each kit and to honor specific CD requests that meet the intent of our mission.
Q. Can I view your CD music library?
A. Sure. Simply browse our page titled CD Photo Gallery. While it is impossible to provide a listing of all the CDs we have within our music library, we do provide a small sampling to give you an idea of what you might expect within your Harmony Kit.
Q. How long does it take to receive a harmony kit?
A. You may expect to receive your harmony kit in approximately 45 to 60 days.
Q. How are harmony kits delivered?
A. When your kit is ready, we will contact you to set up a convenient time to deliver the kit and introduce the entire kit to your staff. However, if your facility is simply too far away to personally deliver the harmony kit, we´ll send it to you via US Mail or UPS.
Q. Does Healing with Harmony loan a harmony kit or do you give it to us?
A. Your kit is on loan, but there is never a reason to return a kit that is in use. However, if our harmony kit is not being used by your facility, we would ask you to return it so that others may benefit.
Q. Do we have to sign a contract or service agreement for HWH´s music resources?
A. No.
Q. Is there a fee or hidden costs to the healthcare professional for HWH´s music resources?
A. No. There are no fees or hidden costs of any kind.
Q. Does Healing with Harmony comply with the music industry`s current copyright laws?
A. To address this issue, we retain legal counsel and can confidently state that our foundation complies with copyright laws. Documentation is available upon request.
Q. Since a lot of patients will be touching the players and using the headphones, how can we keep the equipment clean?
A. The outside of the CD player can be wiped with alcohol pads. Additionally, we provide a generous supply of disposable sanitary earphone covers. While we do not replenish your supply of earphone covers, we do include our supplier´s contact information.
Q. What if CDs or CD players become lost, stolen, or broken?
A. To reduce the possibility of kit components becoming lost or broken, we encourage each facility to develop a safe method of dispensing both the players and CDs. Although you will not be held financially accountable should equipment or CDs become lost or broken, replacement of these items is at our discretion.
Q. Will Healing with Harmony ever update our music library with new CDs?
A. Yes. Simply contact us by phone, email or the web and fill out another assessment form requesting an update.
Q. How much of my donation is used for Healing with Harmony´s kits?
A. Nearly 100% of every donation goes toward purchasing harmony kit components.
Q. Is Healing with Harmony recognized as a federal non-profit organization?
A. Yes. We are incorporated with the federal 501-C not for profit status.