Mark Lindemer - Founder

mark lindemerThrough Healing with Harmony, we all have a great opportunity to comfort people with music in their individual health care settings. With fingertip ease, patients can choose from the best comforting, relaxing and uplifting music the world has to offer. We make it simple for patients to listen to a variety of compact discs with personal CD players and headphones.

Until today, music for individual, private listening has been unavailable to the health care community. Healing with Harmony changes all of that. Now, patients can close their eyes and be surrounded by the comfort of music, thereby replacing potential stress and anxiety with the joy of music. It is our honor to share the gift of music with those who may need and benefit from it most.

Wendy Bartlett - Director

wendy bartlettI´m continually moved by the depth of sincerity I´ve witnessed within the health care community in searching for methods to enhance the overall well-being of their patients. What greater pleasure could there be than to be a part of a foundation that strives to help them in that effort.

My hope is to continue as Director of Healing with Harmony and help evolve it from a local program to one that also becomes available on a national level. I Can Only Imagine - how great that would be... MercyMe!

Susan Beehn - Administrative Assistant

susan beehnAs one of HWH´s original staff members, I´ve come to understand the countless benefits that music provides to patients within the health care community. My current role as an administrative assistant coupled with twenty five years as a dance instructor enables me to express my love for the community and music through Healing with Harmony. I´m inspired by Healing with Harmony´s mission and look forward to spending many years working together with the HWH staff as we follow this musical healing path.

Mike Bonventura - Audio Production Specialist

mike bonventuraSince my entire professional career has been connected in one way or another with music, it was natural for me to become intrigued with Healing with Harmony´s mission. My job as an on-air personality and mobile wedding reception DJ has exposed me to many music programming formats and application ideas, but I´ve never seen anything quite like Healing with Harmony. The thought of identifying and distributing music and spoken word titles to benefit people with serious health care issues has enabled me to share my production talents in a unique way. It feels really good to be able to reach people with music and make an impact on their well-being. Every day is one of exciting possibilities. It´s fun and uniquely satisfying to contribute my time and talents to Healing with Harmony.

Kathryn Toyama - Internet Publicity

kathryn toyamaAs a classically trained musician whose true artistry unfolded through personal healing and divine guidance, I´ve come to believe that music is a soul´s sacred calling and serves a higher purpose. And as research continues to confirm the undeniable healing effects that positive musical vibrations have on all living beings, crossing paths with Healing with Harmony awakens me from what has until now only been a dream, and defines my new reality.

I look forward to creating an awareness of Healing with Harmony´s mission with the hope that more musicians will also feel drawn to this cause. Imagine the possibilities if we were to combine our heart energy and give from our soul. The potential for healing and positive transformation then…becomes infinite.


Additional Volunteers


Marge Knight

marge knight

I enjoy being a part of HWH. Music has always been an im-portant part of my life and its importance has grown through the years as I go through life’s changes. I’ve been blessed and appreciate the chance to give a little back and help make music a part of other people’s lives.